About Us

We have been in the food industry for 20 years, we have done a lot of successful business with different brands and now we continue with the name Planet Food.

We are moving forward with a new market approach by combining organic and normal convenience stores.

With our first branch, Finsbury Park, we set out to support social responsibility projects for a more liveable society.

We will continue to serve you in different locations with new branches in the near future.

Everything You Expect From a Convenience Store

Even though it’s a newly opened place, it has very nice products and a very stylish design. I also liked the murals they did for the decor. I recommend you to visit this place.

This place was much needed in this area. Their organic products are good and fresh. Especially their grocery section is very successful. I hope they keep this quality for a long time.

It’s a nice place. They have quality and fresh products. The fact that they also sell Coop products is another reason for my preference. You should visit this place if you happen to come by. It’s really good that a business like this opened in Finsbury Park.